FS19 MORE FARMS v1.0.0.0


FS19 MORE FARMS v1.0.0.0
FS19 More Farms
8 yards -> 16 yards
ATTENTION it is not a mod!
This is an XML that increases the number of farms from 8 to 16 farms.
Since we have a multiplayer server and are running out of courtyards, I experimented a bit and found out that you can create more than 8 courtyards.
I have expanded the farms.xml to 16 farms and share them with you (of course you can do it yourself, but it is easiest for people who do not know much about it)
Installation of the xml
1. Create multiplayer savegame
2. Save and exit the game (no yard needs to be created)
3. Open Savegame and replace farms.xml
4. Start savegame and a farm turns 16
Since there are only 8 colors for the courtyards, each color is 2 times!
If you delete a farm from 9 to 16 it is gone and cannot be created again!



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