Attingham Park Map v 1.1


About the mod:
– Terrain Height and Field Sizes correspond to Real Life
– Real PDA Map
– Most things only work if the Land has been bought Animals, Silos, etc…
– Malthouse Farm – Horses & Pigs
– Brompton Farmhouse – Chickens and Cows
– Crossfields Dairy – Cows and Sheep
– Atcham Fishing Club – Hourly income when buying Land
– A Light switch at every Farm activates all Lights on this Farm
– Individual Lighting
– Individual Grass Texture
– Seasons ready (individual Geo included on the Map for Additional Crops to Support)
– Precision Farming ready with Realistic Soil Map
– Field and Transport Missions
– 47 Fields
– 13 Points of Sale including BGA
– Gate Triggers move with the Gate (double Gate Trigger is on the Gate with the bolt / lock)
– Onions and Carrots added
– Cotton and Sugarcane removed
– You can find Vehicles for Harvesting at the Dealer in the Potato and Sugarbeet Harvest Category
– Diesel Trailer added to the Animals Category at the Dealer
– Refillable Pallet added to the Pallets Category at the Dealer
Version 1.1:
* Removed Trolleys from Bakery
* Adjusted all Animal Triggers as requiredCredits:



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