MAZ Pack v1.1 FS19


MAZ Pack v1.1 FS19

Unpack the archive! MAZ-6430E8 (saddle three-axle tractor unit) MAZ 5440S5 (saddle traktor-2-x three-axle) MAZ_6312S9 (in refrigerated van) MAZ_6312V3 (chiller milk tank A Azarsama01)

– Emblem (without license plate, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan);

– Capacity 33000 l; version 1.1 for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.7):

– Gift from Mikuláš Jalanský-hat;

– Adjusted numbers;

– Adjusted wheel weight;

– Due to them, the engines are modified, output to 420 and 350 l. S;

– Corrected turning radius of semi-trailers;

– Adjusted prices;

– Hard work with Don 1500;

– Added removal of pallets from the floor;

– Fixed general light;

– Fixed load from the auger via the awning on the trailer;

– Modified logo;

– Modified hose on the trailer;

– Maybe something else, I don’t remember.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, I tried to fix it.


We dont have any information about the author of this FS 19 mod. If you are an author, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will add your credits.


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