Vehicle Maintenance v


About the mod:
With this mod, the vehicle must be serviced every 30 engine hours or 36 days (with the Seasons Mod, the day limit adjusts so that you have to service two times per season one year). If you do not do this, the vehicle will no longer work as usual. When starting the engine, it may misfire and die if the engine load is too high. To service the vehicle (Ctrl + m) you must buy a pallet from the shop. If you get close enough to this and the maintenance is required, the hotkey will appear in the help window and the vehicle can be serviced. Afterwards you have to wait one hour until it is ready for use again.
Price of the Pallet 500 €
* Confirmation window for maintenance
* Damage is no longer deducted directly (with Seasons Mod) for vehicles that already have engine hours (borrowed vehicles from a contract), but starts again as intended without damage.
* No more error message that appeared when something was sold that was not a vehicle
* Individual adjustment of the maintenance price for each vehicle
* Shorter maintenance now costs less and longer maintenance costs more
* Depending on the length of the maintenance, a certain number of engine hours/days is added to the others (vehicle is not going to be completely repaired)
* Maintenance system generally improved to make it more realistic
* Description adjusted
* Ingame texts adapted
* Repair feature in the shop has been completely deactivated due to bugs (also for non driveable equipment)
* Automatic engine start can be activated again (the engine stall function is then deactivated though)Credits:



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