Trioliet Animal Feeding Systems v 1.0 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


    About the mod:
    Triomatic T30 Feed Kitchen with Storage Bunkers for Automatic Feeding System and Triomatic HP 2 300 Feeding Robot on the Monorail. In addition, a large Cowshed where the Feed Kitchen and Feeding Robot can be grown. Attitude about Feeding Time and adjustment the Mixing Ratio
    Triomatic T30 Feed Kitchen / Triomatic HP 2 300 Feeding Robot:
    – Size: 15 x 15 meters
    – Bunker Capacity: 100000 liters
    – Roboter Capacity: 60000 liters
    – Raw Materials required: Silage, Hay, Straw
    – Product: Mixed Ration
    – Price 185000 €
    Large Cowshed:
    – Size: 125 x 105 meters
    – Capacity: 2000 Animals
    – Price 300000 €Credits:
    LS-Modcompany, D-S_Agrarservice, Kastor, kevink98



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