Pellet Storage House v 1.0 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


    About the mod:
    Placeable Warehouse for the Products from the Addon Straw Collection. Straw and Main Pallets, Bale Net Pallets, Bale Yarn Pallets, Molasses Pallets, Straw and hay bales and straw and hay pellets as bulk material can be stored here. Seasons ready
    – Straw and Main Pallets: Inlet 198000 l / Outlet 198000 l
    – Bale Net Pallets: Input 675 Rolls / Output 675 Rolls
    – Bale Yarn Pallets: Input 2160 Rolls / Output 2160 Rolls
    – Molasses Pallets: Input 21600 l / Output 21600 l
    – Bales of Straw and Hay: Input 140 Bales / Output 140 Bales
    – Straw and Hay Pellets as Bulk Material: inlet 10000000 l / outlet 10000000 l
    Price 150000 €Credits:



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