Niedersachsen 21 Map v 1.0 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


    About the mod:
    – 16 start yards, among others for placeable buildings or productions, these areas are only visible on the PDA as gray areas and in the game as meadow
    – In addition there are 8 biogas plants, 31 forest areas and 180 fields that can be bought
    – MaizePlus ready (including horse extension)
    – Alfalfa, clover, horse grass, field grass, meadow grass, miscanthus, triticale, rye, spelled, onions, carrots
    – Grass, Alfalfa and Cloverr have 4 drying levels (requires at least 3 turns) – with and without seasons
    – Start yard with enough vehicles available
    – Seasons ready
    – Manure system ready
    – MaizePlus ready (Horse Extension, CCM Extension, Forage Extension)
    – Precision Farming ready.
    – Slurry system ready
    – Dump piles increased to 128
    – Realistic and high resolution texturesCredits:
    NDS Modding



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