National Valley Map v 2.0 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


    About the mod:
    Map that looks like a Forest, Livestock and Culture. Buy a Piece of Forest to Start a Business on one of the 3 Farms You can buy. Prefer the Breeding of Cows, Sheep or Pigs, still buy the most beautiful Machines in order to cultivate the Land. On the Map there are 17 Fields on which You can plant whatever You want. For the Forest Part, more than 45 Plots of Trees that You will exploit
    Version 2.0:
    * Firm Silo Trigger correction
    * Fixed NavMesh for Chickens
    * Added a Point of Sale for Wood and a Point of Sale “Restaurant”
    * Fixed Lack of Snow Mask
    * Improved Sounds for Object Animations
    * Added Map Background Decoration
    * Adding a Forest
    * New BGA
    * Added 4 Fields
    * Added 64 New Farmers
    * Added 3 Transport Missions
    * Added Manure System Support
    * Addition of a Slurry Point of SaleCredits:



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