LSFM Farm Equipment Pack v – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


    About the mod:
    Small useful helpers to push for Your Yard. The LSFM Farm Equipment Pack consists of small Hand Tools for pushing. The Pack is suitable for all Maps. Hof Bergmann Beta Players already have this Pack and don’t need to download it again
    Contents of the Pack:
    – 2 wheelbarrows, one new and one used
    – The wheelbarrows have an autoload mode with which you can collect loose material from the ground
    Transport Trolley:
    – Transport Trolley for transporting various objects. Supports lashing straps
    Service Trolley:
    – A mobile workshop trolley with which vehicles can be configured, the trigger where the vehicle is configured is located in front of the trolley
    – The trigger to operate behind the car
    Barrel Wagon:
    – A small barrel to push with which you can transport various liquids. The lid can be opened
    – All transport trolleys (no wheelbarrows) can also be used as small trailers, which means that they can also be attached to a tractor
    – All objects in this pack are portable and can also be attached to a trailer with lashing strapsCredits:



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