GAZ 53 V1.0 – FS22


GAZ 53 V1.0 – FS22I have converted the mod from FS19 for my own needs in FS22, but since I don’t see any GAZ 53 mods for FS22 I decided to share it with you. The mod is based on the FS19 mod GAZ52/53 by SD Team, therefore I give special credits for his/theirs work!
Mod descriptio:
– UDIM, dirt and wear textures
– Choice of cab color
– Selectable body design – bulk tippers with 5000 and 6500 l capacity; forage wagon (also tipper) with 8500 l capacity; flatbed body with tension belts for carrying bales or pallets
– Choice of wheels
– Choice of rim color
– Choice of engines
– 4 speed mechanical gearbox
– Realistic engine sounds
– Animated suspension, steering elements and cardan shaft
– License plates



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