Truck Crane Iveco X-Way Enedis v1.0 FS22


Truck Crane Iveco X-Way Enedis v1.0 FS22
Hello everyone ! For the official launch of our discord server, we offer you an Iveco X-Way Enedis crane, which contains a lot of detail and animations. The vehicle is fully functional!
Features:HP: 280 hpvmax: 87 km/htank: 400 LWeight: 16t8
IC on Sideboards, Beacon, Triflash, Scale, ADR, Skates … etc…
Functional crane
Functional crate with collision and straps
Several different configurations in the shop!
Another big thank you to the Maxtix Nord Project for the 3D of the cabin!
A big thank you to 3wan for the help during the creation!
If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate, so that I can improve my future mods ?
Good game everyone!

Credits:IEG Moding 3wan Projet Maxtix Nord

Tags: ADRHPICMaxtix Nord Project



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