Waldsee Map v


About the mod:
– 1 Farm property with simple Log Cabin Farm Buildings, completely sellable (in the New Farmer Mode)
– Start Vehicles optimized for Forest work, e.g. with Ponsee (in the New Farmer Mode)
– 4 more Places suitable for Farms
– 3 Fields
– 5 Selling Stations
– 1 Wood Selling Station
– 1 Woodchip Selling Station
– 3 Additional Decorative Flowers that can be painted
– Fields can be painted in Landscaping Mode
– 36 Crystals for search and sale
– Several Placeable Objects to rebuild the Map
– Seasons ready
– Precision Farming ready
* Additions to the PDA Map: 2 Bridges and Blue Dots to indicate the Position of the Posts to remove the Forest
* Additional Ground Textures for the Landscaping Tool
* Improvement of the Bridge Access for the Low Loader
* Update of the TipCol File, e.g. to be able to unload Straw and Grass everywhereCredits:
Oma Tana



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