Valley View Map v 1.0


About the mod:
– All the buildings on your starting farm can be sold.
– There are few extra crops added to this map: Grain – rye, millet, sorghum, mustard, rice. Root Crops – onion, carrot, cabbage, red cabbage, lettuce. Coffee, grape, olive and almonds
– For those who like to play Farm manager or start from scratch mode
– Southeast part of the map is left undeveloped by the local Goverment. You can buy the plots of land and start your own farm (No Man’s Land style)
– There is also 4 plots of empty spaces for sale
– At Farm Supply, you can buy and sell back all your farming needs at discounted price.
– Grape, olive, almond and coffee
– There are 2 ways of planting – grape planter or can also use regular planter
– Sapling for grape planter can be found under pallets and for planter use regular seeds
– Harvest using grape harvester by Black Eyes Modding
– And also they will regrow
– Custom soil textures
– Forgotten Plant – Terrain Texture
– Lighting V2
– Seasons ready – Seasons mask and for the integration of the additional crops we recommend the Valley View Seasons Geo Mod
– Percision Farming – custom soil map and integration of additional crops fruit requirements
– Custom Husbandary Food Definition
– Added ability to paint Deco Foliage on texture paint
– Added flowers to the grass texture
– Multiterrain angleCredits:



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