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About the mod:
The goal of this mod is to (try) to clean up the store to make it easier to find the right equipment for every task. A secondary goal is to give the store a more uniform look and feel. This is done by merging some categories (which are too specific/narrow), splitting up some categories (which are to general/broad) as well as moving some items from Vehicles to Implements (like with combined Trucks + Superstructure packs) and vice versa.
Highly specialized categories such as Animal Transport or Slurry Tanks is left untouched while more generic items such as “autoloading flatbed semitrailers” is moved from Baling Technology to a more generic Semitrailers category.
Changes to Categories:
– New vehicle categories with specific purposes like Hooklift, SwapBody/AR, Fixed-body trucks (tippers and flatbeds), Light Commercial Vehicles (pickup vans like MB Sprinter) and more.
– New catgegories for other specific types of vehicles like Construction (e.g. dumper or grader), Communal (like buses and taxis) and Emergency/Rescue (different types of emergency vehicles like police and tow trucks).
– Additional categeries for Compact Tractors (e.g. JD 2032) and XL Tractors (like Fendt 1100 MT or BigBud).
– New specialized trailer categories for Light Trailers (typically 3.5T trailers), Semitrailers, Liquid Transport and UTV/ATV trailers.
– Additonal categories for specific purposes like Snow Removal, Hand Tools and Cranes & Transport (both cranes and utilities like belt support and towing chains).
– Hooklift Containers: This category gathers all hooklift containers and has support for ITR 26.23, ITR 26.33 and TopLiftStaja.
– SwapBody Suoperstructures: Gathers ‘frames’ from different AR/”module” systems like Man Modul, D754, Joskin Cargo, Man 33-414 6×6, NMC, Annaburger HTS29.79, Renault C280 etc.
– The original category for Trucks should now (mostly) contain semi-trailer trucks (‘road tractors’/’articulated lorry’) and the original category Trailers should now primarily contain tipper/dump/grain trailers with drawbars (non-semitrailer variants).
Additional Features:
– Each new category has a thumbnail with a sample of the vehicle or implement in the category and tries to be as similar as possible as the default basegame category images.
– The generic “Mod” subtitle in the store is replaced with a more informative title with the name of the mod
– The rules for moving store items between categories (and some additional tweaks) is managed via a custom “query language” which should make it (fairly) simple to add your own rules if desired.
– Compatible with the CategoryAdder mod as well as the “AddStoreCategory” script by Ifko[nator] and the “StoreManager” feature in GlobalCompanyCredits:



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