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About the mod:
This Mod is supposed to make working with Seeders a bit more Realistic
This Mod adds own Seed Pallets for the following Fruits: Alfalfa, Wheat, Barley, Rape (Canola), Clover, Cotton, Grass, Maize, Millet, Oat, Oil Radish, Potatoes, Rye, Soybeans, Spelled, Sugarbeet, Sunflowers
If you cannot sow a fruit on your map, then this palette is not in the shop either. If you fill a front tank or seeder with one of these seed pallets, you can only sow the fruit for which the pallet was intended. Switching the fruit through is then no longer possible. If you fill in the standard seed, you can switch between the fruits as usual. If you empty the standard seed, the BigBag no longer comes, but the Pioneer range.
You can now empty every seeder and every front tank. As an example: The standard potato planters or the Lemken Azurit cannot be emptied by default. This is fixed with my mod. Furthermore, when emptying, the first pallet is no longer created at the farthest point, but to the left of it. Each front tank can now load both fertilizer and seed. With the potato machinery, the laying animation stops when you lift it out but leave it on. Otherwise they would fall down.
If you have set a language other than German, the texts on the pallets and the store pictures are in English.
* It is now possible to fill the Pallets in Trailers, Shovels and transfer Vehicles
* Either hold over it like a Seed Drill, or drive up and overload with the [R] Key
* Each Storage Silo now automatically takes all Types of Seeds that are present on the Map from the Realistic Seeder
* Revised the GUI for selecting the Current Fill Type for a Silo
* The Text there is now 2 Lines
* Above the Current Fill Type, below the Current Fill LevelCredits:



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