Keyboard Steering v 1.1 – FS19 mods / Farming Simulator 19 mods


About the mod:
This is Mod is designed to give a more Analog like Control to the Steering when using a Keyboard
Key Features:
– Steering Input increases Linearly for first 500 ms of Steering Input
– Steering Input drops off Linearly at the same rate when there are no Key presses
– Steer back force is proportional to Road Speed (so you can still manouver normally at low Speeds)
– There is a Limit to the Steering Angle that is also proportional to Road Speed
– Press both Left and Right Keys (A+D) at the same time you will go straight (instead of turning right as you do in Standard Game)
– There is no Steering back force when stationary, even at 100% for the Steering back Setting
– No adjustments are made to any Steering when a Player is not in Control of a Vehicle
– You must be using WSAD for Steering, as the Mod detects A and D Key presses explicitly
– If you are using a Gamepad or Controller then the Mod will do nothing
– The “Steering Sensitivity” Setting in the Game is unchanged
– The “Steering Back Speed” Setting now Controls the amount of reset force and also the range for the Maximum Steering Angle
Version 1.1:
* Added Key Binding Detection for Steering Input Keys
* Doubled the “Steering Back Speed” Setting Range (now 0-200%)
* Added a Key to disable the Mod (unbound by default)Credits:



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