FS19 Western Star 4900 daycab hooklift v1.2.0.0


FS19 Western Star 4900 daycab hooklift v1.2.0.0
Attention! some shorter containers will raise the trucks backend while unloading, drive forward a bit when that happens!
changelog v.1.2:
– added proper rear hitch
– fixed multiplayer error on axle config
– added more color and material options
– made compatible with the new ITrunner pack by Agrartechnik Nordeifel
changelog v.1.1:
– added different axle configurations
– fixed center of mass, Less prone to tipping over
– more powerful
OK, no this is not a proper western star truck, its just an edit of the Lizard Warrior. But I hate the Lizard brand so I wanted to call it something. Im sorry if I offended any truck fans out there.
– Colour options
– Different engine options
– multiple axle configurations
– No known log errors



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