FS19 Wedgesilo extra large v1.0.0.0


FS19 Wedgesilo extra large v1.0.0.0
The Wedgesilo extra large,
The dimensions of this silo are:
Internal: L 70m and W 24m
External: L 71m and W 26m
Placing: L 76m and W 28m
In front of the silo there is a restricted area of 10m where NOTHING can be tipped.
The silo is therefore completely limited and cannot be “overfilled”.
This quite affordable construction project costs you a mere 15,000 € and can be built on request (almost) anywhere.
In addition, you can mix other fruits into your silage in this excellent structure. These are straw, corn, sugarbeet and potatoes.
The silo is specially designed for servers which, for example, make corn-parties or similar and have problems with the drivers who always want to drive from the finished wedge side.
Furthermore, I have not yet found such a silo for multiplayer and I think that something like that is gladly taken.
I did not notice any errors during the test, apart from the known problems with the collision query with the “TipTriggers” which come from the engine and also occur with Giants products.
Version Info:
Version 1.0
Original wedge silo extra large



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