FS19 Vestas Windturbine v5.1 Final


FS19 Vestas Windturbine v5.1 Final
Hello, today I would like to introduce you to a Vestas wind turbine.
She comes from the LS15. The system was equipped with LS19 standard functions. Compared to the original of the LS15 I also exchanged the sound.Price: 1.500.000 €Maintenance costs: 500 € per dayPower: 2000kwRevenue per hour: 2000 € (easy), 1500 € (normal), 1000 € (difficult)
The windmill is paid on the difficulty level “easy” after 32 days, on “normal” after 42 days and on “heavy” after 62 days, and then earns profit.
It is my first mod, so I would be happy about possible suggestions for improvement in the comments !!
Changes in V5.1 Final:
-New store picture
-i3d file was cleaned up
A big thank you to Kyosho, who gave me permission to upload this mod, as well as to Ifko [nator], who allowed me to use his script “AddStoreCategory” !!
Please use only the original link on Modhoster !!!
The mod may not be uploaded to any other mod pages. NOTES on this page (Modhoster) are allowed!



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