FS19 Rostselmash F2650 v1.0.0.0


FS19 Rostselmash F2650 v1.0.0.0
Today I’ll put my Rostselmash F2650 at your disposal! 🙂
What was done:
Configuration RUL or LED speed camera
-Body color choice
Rims color choice
-Trelleborg Gemini and Nursing
-Michelin Tires (Normal, Wide, Twin and Nursing Tires)
-Mitas tires (normal, wide, twin and nursing tires)
-2 different GPS modules configurable
(Guidance Steering should be present)
Configuration with or without grain tank
(Capacity 55000L)
-5 different logos to choose from
-Diverse attachments
(License plate, water tank, etc.)
– matching cornbite with color choice
(Color choice for rim and body)
So now I wish you a lot of fun with it and I hope you like it! 🙂



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