FS19 Niederbayern MultiFruit v1.8


FS19 Niederbayern MultiFruit v1.8
Hello Dear Niederbayern player / in 🙂 After some construction time comes an update of my project in Lower Bavaria because it is to be a complete / new construction is happening again a lot and I’m really surprised how well my map arrives with you 🙂
New in 1.8 a freiplatzierbare surface is also still got pigsty fixed new cowshed at both yards complete map edge was made new including non-purchasable areas and coli forest areas were again improved after all further let yourself be surprised I wish you much much fun 🙂 If you want to support me a little bit dan would like to let a follow on my channel;) https://www.twitch.tv/xneillox Great Thanks For the beautiful objects as well as the help to Mauricespencer (thanks without you, the map would never become so as it is now) Lunchbox85 (Hofpack) BernieSCS (Hofpack) PsieCore (Sign) Salmon123 (street signs )DickerSauerlaender & his team (the one or the other tip and map tester) Baloou1978 (thanks for the grass delete and also map tester) ready1 (Thank you for the great passageway)



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