FS19 Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced v1.0


FS19 Muhlenkreis Mittelland Enhanced v1.0
Conversion of the Mühlenkreis Mittelland
what was done:
much more decoration installed
new purchasable land
Villages were expanded
new splines
new PDA
Seasons Ready
new agricultural machinery dealer
new location for cattle dealers
Sales points and dealers have opening hours
little Easteregg on the map
At reboot, all gates open only from 8:00 in the morning thereafter every day at 7:00
Opening hours generally 07:00 – 19:00
Also, you should sell the silos at the main yard and relocate because otherwise clipping is caused and your h’Häxelgut glides through the walls! (well-known Giants problem)
Mods you need!http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/machine-shelter-with-lighting-v1-1-0-0-fs19/http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/slurry-lagoon-v1-0-0-0-fs19/http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/composite-machine-sheds-v1-0-fs19/http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/root-crop-storage-v1-1-0-0-fs19/http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/mw-placeable-yard-pack-v-1-2-fs19/
I recommend playing the card with Seasons is not a must.http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/seasons-v1-0-1-0-fs19/
The main credits go to the original modder D4rkfr34k for this wonderful card!



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