FS19 Lindner BF 450 SA v1.2.1


FS19 Lindner BF 450 SA v1.2.1
Hello, here we put the Lindner BF 450 SA at your disposal.
Version 1.2.1
– “Baas” -FL added again (user request)
– Bucket for “Bass” release FL added (is a bit wider; capacity: 750l)
– Pitchfork for “Bass” release FL added (is a bit wider; capacity: 1125l)
The original model is from Giants Software (Farmers DLC).
The model was slightly revised by us in cooperation with Breisgau Modding. (Tacho texture, tank and temperature texture added)
Some know the version from the LS17.
48 hp
about 25 km / h
RMT (real manual transmission) ready, 8v / 4r gears
Cabin + working lights (front / rear) permanently installed
Power saws for sale (Stihl, Husqvarna, Jonsered)
Animated + illuminated displays (speedometer, tank, temperature)
yellowish lights
Front tires: 280/70 R18 rear: 340/85 R28 (+ twin tires: 230/95 R32)
Snow chains (municipal, forestry)
Baas notch-FL buyable
animated windshield wiper (in rain)
License plate installed (suitable for Walchen Map)
Conection pants ready
Towbar atacherJoint front: suitable for front weights
Have fun with it, is not perfect, but better than nothing.



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