FS19 Light Extension v1.0.1.0


FS19 Light Extension v1.0.1.0
Specialization for mod vehicles. Features: Strobe Lights, Extra Light, Harvester Warning & Auto Beacons, Beacon Sounds. Example Mod Included in description.
Due to a large number of requests I present the Light Extension script for FS19. This script is based on the FS17 release found here.
Example Mod: FS19 Light Extension Example
Vehicles using script: Service Trailer
The script supports the following functions.
Strobe Lights
Combine Fill Warning (Steerable Combine vehicles only.)
Farming Simulator 2017 Image used to show function :this:
Beacon or Strobe Sound (Steerable vehicles only.)
This is any sound file you would like to play when beacons or strobes are active. (police sirens, beacon rotor sound, etc)
Full list of features and a help guide (PDF) is included in the .zip (Guide is currently only available in English [Sorry])
Special Thanks:
Allowing me to use parts of his code as found in the ‘BeleuchtungV31.lua’.
Enjoy and happy modding



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