FS19 Horsch Pronto 9DC Multimap Edition v1.1


FS19 Horsch Pronto 9DC Multimap Edition v1.1
Horsch Pronto 9DC in the Multimap19 Edition
Version 1.1
Typo Fixed that caused the lettuce was not displayed.
Direcktsaatmaschine which can all grow in the Multimap existing crops.
The machine was added to the standard fruits yet:
Rye spelled poppy sunflower corn potatoes sugar beet cabbage red cabbage salad grass clover sugar cane poplar millet carrots onions tobacco
Since the fields are relatively large, the seed tank has also been adapted a bit. It now holds 9000 L of seed and 6000 L of mineral fertilizer.
The work speed was increased to 25 KM / h.
Maintenance interval has been reduced.
Color choice added.
Important :!!! This is a machine that is designed only for The Multimap !!!
If you want to use them on a different map and the map has not all the fruits that were listed here are so with error and everything that belongs to count.
If desired, I create you for your Wunschmap also this sowing machine.



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