FS19 GAZ 53 MODUL PACK v1.2.1


FS19 GAZ 53 MODUL PACK v1.2.1
GAZ-53-3.5 ton truck with rear drive axle produced in the USSR from 1961 to 1993. Pak includes a modular truck GAZ-53 single-axle trailer and eight modules to the truck. The same modules are installed on the trailer as on the truck. Modules: – milk tank-5,000 liters (milk and water). – fuel tank – 4 500 liters. – universal tank – 4 000 liters (liquid fertilizers, herbicides, slurry, digestate and water). – on-Board body with automatic bales and pallets and collision of sides for transportation of dynamic objects. Bulk cargo does not take. – body for bulk cargo-4 200 liters (can fill seeders with seeds and fertilizers). – body for bulk cargo with extended sides – 6 500 liters. – silo body-10 000 liters. – body for transportation of cattle-2 cows, 2 horses, 6 sheep, 5 pigs. There is a choice of engine, wheels, color and design, working lighting, mirrors and dashboard, UDIM textures. Gets dirty and washes. V. 1. 2. 0 changelog: + added uniaxial trailer for modules; + added rocking mudguards, antenna and some elements on the modules; + added awnings on the bodies for bulk cargo and silage, as well as on the side body; + added reflectors on the modules; + / – setting the engine and chassis; + / – corrected unloading from the modules; + / – corrected the camera; + / – some visual adjustments.V. 1. 2. 0 list of changes: Changed the steering wheel, adjusted the size of the track on the trailer, corrected the fuel barrel and the barrel for slurry, other minor improvements.



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