FS19 Fliegl BPT Pack v1.0.1.0


FS19 Fliegl BPT Pack v1.0.1.0
– Reflector on the DKS too far inwards
– wrong l10n entry Compact Combi
– wool pallets not loadable via EAL (needs further adjustment)
– Basic color selection pallet fork
– wrong ConnectionHoses at the rear
– wrong brand pallet fork
– Turntable slip suspended on certain Modmaps
– DKS22 can not be filled at the silo
– Double loaded ConnectionHoses DPW / ZPW
– Position square bale SDS
– Polygon error pallet fork
– Color choice bale skewer
This package includes numerous trailers and implements that can be used for a wide range of applications.
There is everything for the small farmer, as well as for the Lohner offered.
Numerous configuration options also expand the application options.
• EDK 40
• TSK80
• DPW 180
• ZPW 140
• TPW 140
• ITRunner
• SDS 350
• single axle dolly
• two-axle dolly
• Foil Bumper – Compact Combi (3PT + FL)
• large bale fork – Combi Duplex (FL)
• 3-point fork – cross type (3PT)
• 3-point foil fork (3PT)
• pallet fork (FL)
• DKS 22
• Abutments (depending on mod: without, straight construction, round bale construction, large round bale construction, straight construction + lateral flaps, Timber, large grid construction)
• Tires (depending on mod: Trelleborg 300 80R15, 340 80R18, 380 55R17, 480 45R17 – Nokian 340 80R18, 250 80R16, Lizard 315 80R22.5, Trelleborg 560 45R22.5)
• Colors base (standard zinc and steel + complete color palette)
• colors construction (standard zinc and steel + complete color palette)
• underrun protection (without, with, with + logo)
• mudguards (without, with)
• wiper edge (without, with)
• Autoload (without, with)
• Compact Combi (extra design color selection for hydraulic cylinder /// choice between folio cable, bale spreader, pallet fork)
• Combi Duplex / foil ball fork / pallet fork (extra design color choice for skewers)
• Three-side tipping bucket (construction: bale, 1800L, 2200L – extra design color choice for body)
General functions / innovations
• straps
• ConnectionHoses (also on the rear incl. Sockets)
• 100% on LS19 standard
• completely revised terms of the mods incl. Partial adjustment to list prices
• extendable rear or rear ramp
• adjustable saddle plate
• Contrary to the type designation, EDK40 and TSK80 can not be tilted
• mostly adapted to real weights
Bugs / Errors
Currently there are no more errors in the tests, however, it can always come back to problems due to the variety of other mods.
Since my time is very limited, of course I can not check all the facts.
Therefore, please just objectively and in detail in the SupportThread post the error, the log.txt with attach and then there is certainly synonymous soon after an update.



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