FS19 Fendt Agco 1000 Series v2.0.0.0


FS19 Fendt Agco 1000 Series v2.0.0.0
Fendt Vario 1000 series and Challenger 1000 series,
the right tractor for large fields that require a lot of power.
Whether in Europe or the American countries, you can always rely on him.
Price: 329 000 €
Power: 396 to 517 hp
Category: Large tractors
– Fendt Series
– Challenger Series
– Jenz forest machines
– Fendt silver gray
All variants are also available as a special version
with colored edges of the rims
Design choice and configurations:
– radiator grill
– seat color
– Front fender
– brand
– Forest cage
– Beacon lights normal or LED and LED light reflection
– Horn – Horn or Airhorn
– Door, window and warning signs run via IC control
– Sound when opening the doors and windows
– Monitor boot and matching sound
– Lights and indicators turn off
when folding in the warning signs
– Universal Passenger inserted
– Tire pressure script installed, you can choose the tires (Vario Grip)
lower the tire pressure to 0.8 bar and have more grip on fields
– Tire pressure display with sound in the tractor and in the help window
Important !!! No releases are given to the content or scripts of the mod!



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