FS19 Betaillere trois Essieux v1.0.0.0


FS19 Betaillere trois Essieux v1.0.0.0
Hello everyone, This time here is a completely revised livestock model! The basic principle is quite similar to the one I posted a few weeks ago, apart from the fact that this model is much better!
What changes: – Longer AR body and all distributed over three axles. – More loading capacity for animals. – New in the choice of configuration of the AR body, two separate models here, one for transporting cows and horses, and the other for transporting sheep and pigs! (an additional floor has been added in this sheep and pig configuration.). – Various additional options, we were brought into this model, so we will find options like; – the choice between three different aluminum sheet models for the rear body – but also the choice of standard road wheels or optional Nokian wheels. – options with or without fairings on the sides – different bull bars– different and functional light bars – air conditioning options for (sheep and pigs) by selecting the choice with or without fan – with or without AR lamp in the body – Choice of engine power – choice of truck colors – choice to put a tarpaulin on the roof of different colors to the chassis – choice with or without horn – choice of various logos – choice of rim colors – I also added two external cylinders to lower and raise the rear door. – I also custom-made aluminum gates with optimized textures, etc.
etc …
Livestock trailer imagined and made by myself !! It does not reflect in any way a model of reality, it is still a prototype come straight from my imagination and that I created with passion once again then it is always with great pleasure that I come here for you share for free !!!
I hope you enjoy it at least, good fun to all, and see you soon.
If you like leaving a like it will always be fun;)
Three-axle cattle trailer official version normally there will be no other version than this one !!! So notice to the clever little one who would like people to believe that a new version has arrived by posting this livestock model with a new number!



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