FS19 ATC Container Pack v3.3.0.0


FS19 ATC Container Pack v3.3.0.0
Hello everybody,
This version of the pack includes the following features:
New hits:
New Skin: LS-Area (thank you to matze4211)
Here are a few words about LS-Area directly from the Matze:
Dear people,
first a big thank you to Alfredix and the LS Modcompany, they support us with this mod.
We the LS Area are a small community that has met via YouTube and gamble together. We are an amalgamation of several streamers and viewers who enjoy multiplayer games. The LS19 and the ETS2 are also included.
If you want to know more about us, check out Facebook or Discord.
V1.0.0.3, 30.12.2018, initial version
V1.0.1.0, 02.01.2019, fixed log error
V1.0.1.1, 04.01.2019, maintenance update
V1.1.0.0, 09.02.2019, 40′ ColliFix, new Skins
V1.2.0.0, 16.02.2019, disChargeNode fixed
V2.0.0.0, 02.03.2019, added 30′, 45′ and gas Tanks
V2.0.0.1, 04.03.2019, HotFix removed TensionBeltObject
V2.1.0.0, 16.03.2019, new Skins, new shop category
V3.0.0.0, 18.04.2019, reworked fillable, new TankContainer, moddesc 43
V3.1.0.0, 24.08.2019, new Skins, added store categories by GC
V3.1.0.1, 12.10.2019, updated store pics
V3.2.0.0, 17.10.2019, Display Fill volume as paletts
V3.3.0.0, 14.11.2019, added lsarea Skin



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