FS19 Animal Worker v2.2


FS19 Animal Worker v2.2
Hire a Ranch Hand to feed, water and bed your animals for a small daily fee.
Daily at 7am the worker will:
– Fill the water trough, straw bedding and clean your animals. (configurable in XML)
– Feed all your animals based on number of animals. (configurable in XML)
– Charge a daily fee of 5% + base cost (in XML) + number of animals
 – Optimized performance, and fixed typos.
– Added key binds and GUI menu to configure settings.
– Left Alt + 0 to toggle worker status; Left Alt + NumPad 0 to open settings menu; (must be on foot)
– All settings can now be configured in-game (active, fee, base cost, capacity, clean pens)
– Added more language files for 4 total languages (English, Dutch, French, Spanish)
New in Version 2.1
– Set worker to active by default and added 2 more settings to clean the pens and how to fill troughs.
– Settings file is in your modSettings folder (modsSettings/animalWorker/animalWorker.xml)
– Fixed expenses, now listed under Animal Upkeep, also configurable.
– Now uses all feed types. Serial consumers (cows/pigs) get rations based on consumption.
– For less feed set fillToCapacity to false, they will only get daily rations per animal; enough for 6 days. Set to true to fill the troughs.
– Multilingual description
– Multiplayer compatible
Bugs / Conflicts
– No known conflicts or errors in log at this time.
– Compatible with Animal HUD, Animal Pen Extension and Horse Helper.
– No feedback if using the LAlt + 0 toggle yet, just on Dev console; but it works.
Upcoming Updates
– Add configurable food fill amounts
– Add input binds to Activate/De-activate the worker
– Add option to sell eggs, milk, manure, slurry, wool
– Push notifications when settings are changed or worker completes his tasks…



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