Decorative, Strapable Items Pack v 1.0


About the mod:
Pack of 35 strapable objects. Those items can be moved from one place to another by a crane with a module that has strapable belts built in it or simply by hand with a lumberjack mod (super strength). You can also use those items as place holders to enhance your game play such as your farm yard, building/construction site, public road game play. This mod will be useful for content creators as well to create unique stories and scenarios.
All of the presented models can be attached to a trailer with straps so they will not shift from side to side.
The Pack include:
1. Beams Large
2. Boards Large
3. Boards Medium
4. Buldozer
5. Wrecked Car 1
6. Wrecked Car 2
7. Wrecked Car 3
8. Caravan
9. Class Harvester
10. Yellow Container
11. Blue Container
12. Daf Truck
13. Debris Crusher
14. Yellow Excavator
15. Orange Excavator
16. Farm Silo 1
17. Farm Silo 2
18. Gas Tank
19. Generator
20. Grain Dryer
21. Iron Beams
22. Mercedess Milk Truck
23. Portable Construction Site Office
24. Plane
25. Renault Truck
26. JCB Roller
27. Scania Truck
28. Old Ship Wreck
29. Deutz Tractor
30. Trailer 1
31. Trailer 2
32. Big Cargo Train
33. Train Cart
34. Small Local Train
35. Wheel Loader




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