Placeable Composttea Pack v 1.2


About the mod:
This Mod adds Composttea to every Map
– You can import it, use it with the field sprayers to fertilize the fields, or just sell it again
– All points of sale that accept wheat, barley and canola also accept Composttea
– The packalso includes Placeable objects that guarantee more income than the classic map outlets
– All trailers for herbicides and liquid fertilizer and field sprayers are automatically equipped with Composttea. This also applies to mods, provided that they have been assigned the correct fill type category
Included Objects:
– Composttea: Price 20000 €
– Composttea (Disposable Pallet): Price 250 €
– Composttea Profi (Returnable Pallet): Price 500 €
– Composttea Import: Price 8500 €
– Composttea Export: Price 8500 €
– Composttea Storage: Price 8500 €
Version 1.2:
* Flexible Silo Extension addedCredits:
TF 2020 MODS



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