Pig Field with Pig Sty v 1.0


About the mod:
This is a small to medium sized open air pig field with pig stys for the pigs to sleep in. Pigs have plenty of room to move around thanks to the large muddy ground area thats surrounded by wooden poles and wire to keep them from getting out. There are 2 water troughs that provide plenty of water for all pigs during those hot summers. Access to the field is done via the gate or via the step stairs. On the left hand side of the gate, there is a garden hose fixed on the fence. If you left click on that hose all the warning sign markers will disappear or appear.
– Capacity 80 Animals
– Animal Pen Extension
– Seasons ready
– Animated Gate
– Warning Sign hide Trigger on Garden Hose
– Straw can be provide by Bales, Bulk or blown in
– Food is only done in Bulk at the Food Trough
Price 70000 €Credits:
Curato Farms



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