Pallets High Shelf Storage v


About the mod:
This Mod brings 2 Warehouses into play:
Warehouse without Script:
– Pallets can be stored Manually
– Seasons ready
– Price 212443 €
Warehouse with Script:
– Capacity 100500000 liters
– Seasons ready
– Price 423785 €
All currently available AgraZ Products can be stored in the Warehouse with Script: chicken feed, horse feed, pig feed, cow feed, seeds, fertilizer, lime, liquid fertilizer, pesticides, diesel, liquid manure, fermentation residues, water, milk, acetic acid, urea, wooden beams, wooden boards, wood chips, empty pallets, wooden barrels, eggs, wool, honey, Salt, tree seedlings, poplars, sugar cane, molasses, charcoal, packed bark mulch, packed compost, packed potting soil, packed wood chips, chipboard, wooden boxes, sugar, icing sugar, sugar syrup, twine, bale twine, bale netting, cloth, packed pellets
* Added Packaged Hay and Straw Pellets
* Added all Products for Greenhouses and PlantationsCredits:



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