Horsch Pack with Optional Fertilization v


About the mod:
Optional Fertilization allows you to convert the fertilizer tanks of seeders, which have optional fertilization, to seed tanks in the workshop. If a lot of slurry or manure is available for fertilization, you don’t have to spend too much expensive mineral fertilizer. As a result of this conversion, the area performance of these machines increases due to more seed stocks, while at the same time reducing diesel consumption of the tractor. Please deactivate in the menu the option that the helper should buy fertilizer. If you don’t do this, fertilize the machines that are being operated by the helper, despite the fertilizer function switched off in the machine.
The following machines can be found as new mods in the respective category.
* Optional Fertilization has been added to the following Aggregates:
– EVO 12.375 OF
– Serto 12SC OF
– Maestro SW 16.75 OF
– Maestro SW 24.75 OFCredits:
TF 2020 MODS, vitalii201



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