Hof Bergmann Map v


About the mod:
* Adjustments to the Bale Store at the farrowing House for small Bales from the Class small Bale Pack
* Converted Loft Storage at the Pigsty from Straw Bales to HD Straw Bales (Class small Bale Pack)
* Bale Storage above the Yard Workshop was converted to small HD Hay Bales (Class small Bale Pack)
* Attic Storage (Elevator) at the Pigsty made compatible with the New Realistic Seeder Version
* Silphie Seeds from the Realistic Seeder Mod can now be stored in the Attic
* Added more Languages ​​(but not all Current)
* Silphie (Chopped) removed from Fill Type Category Windrow. This prevents the Balers from mistakenly recognizing Silphie
* Corrected Effect Material Holder for Hay (Pickup Effect)
* Spawn Places at the Butcher’s for Suckling Pigs reduced to 4
* New Shop Category “Conveyor Technology” added
* Added a Placeable Ball Belt for HD Bales so that You can better fill Your Bale Stores in the Attics with HD BalesCredits:



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