Helminiak Bale Elevator v 1.0


About the mod:
Placeable Autoload Hayloft for the Helminiak Barn. Takes a little fiddling to get placement perfect, must go at the hayloft door next to the milkroom. Which incase you haven’t noticed yet, if you stand outside the barn under the loft doors, they’ll open. So you pull up tot he bottom of the conveyor with a wagon full of straw or hay bales, they’ll automatically be loaded into the barn. While you’re on foot either in front of the elevator, or inside the barn in line with the elevator, you’ll be able to see how many bales you have stored, and you’ll be able to unload them. They spawn in the middle of the barn floor, the straw bales will likely automatically disappear as that’s where the straw bedding trigger is. Hay bales will need to be brought out to the bale ring in the pasture, or added to a mixer.
Price 150 €Credits:
GtX, jm44807, Vanquish081, MrPapaBear



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