Grain Cleaner v 1.0


About the mod:
Williamson Farms have invested in this grain cleaner to offer a new service to their customers, a way to recover their premiums at the mills by taking out any imperfections from the grain. Customers noted how it was healing their grain and thus it got the nickname “The Grainhospital”. Furthermore it also has the ability to apply seed treatment to the grain allowing it to be used as seed, saving Williamson and other customers thousands per year on seed bills.
To make seed simply deposit one of four grains (wheat, barley, oat, and canola) into the hopper and place the herbicide into the draining rack. Once the grain has been treated it can be withdrawn as bags or as bulk. To clean grain simply deposit one of four grains (wheat, barley, oat, and Canola) into the hopper and the grain will be cleaned (in the current version 10% extra crop is added) and the cleanings will be seperated, these can later be sold or used as pig food.
Seasons ready
Price 250000 €Credits:



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