Headland Management v1.2.0.0 – FS19


Headland Management v1.2.0.0 – FS19Headland management for tractors, field sprayers, mowers and harvesters.
With headland management, functions of vehicles can be combined and activated together at the touch of a button to simplify turning manoeuvres when working in the field. All functions can be activated and deactivated individually for each vehicle via a GUI to achieve ideal adaptation to the work being carried out.
The headland management system must be added once to the respective vehicle in the shop or in the workshop as a configuration before it can be used. The cost for this is 3000,-.
It can be activated and deactivated in the vehicle with Shift-X. Alternatively, different buttons for activation and deactivation can be configured. The GUI is called up by default with Shift+Ctrl+X.
Included functions:
– Reduce speed (cruise control) and raise again, reactivate cruise control if previously active
– Raise lowered implements and lower them again
– Turn plough, single-stage or two-stage (via centre position)
– Raise and change ridge markers
– Control crab steering
– Disengage and re-engage power take-off(s) and hydraulics
– Beep when headland management is activated
Additionally, if VCA Mod (FS19_VehicleControlAddon) is present:
– Deactivate and reactivate GPS track guidance
– Disengage and re-engage active differential locks
Additionally, if Guidance Steering Mod (FS19_guidanceSteering) is available:
– Deactivate and reactivate GPS guidance
– Headland automatic: Activate headland management automatically when headland is reached
Additionally for existing SpeedControl Mod (FS19_zzzSpeedControl):
– Speed adjustment also possible by changing the cruise control level
ATTENTION: This mod is not compatible with FS19_towBar or FS19_towBarWeight
Changelog V1.0.1.0:
– Spanish translation added (many thanks to Vanquish081).
– Added support for Ifko’s JohnDeerePack
– Headland automatic: If using Guidance Steering, the headland management can be activated automatically when the headland is reached
Changelog V1.1.0.0:
– Crab steering control added
Changelog V1.1.0.1:
– Fixed an rare issue with implements not working as expected
ChangeLog V1.1.1.0:
– If cruise control is active when headland management is activated, it will be reactivated when headland management is deactivated again
ChangeLog V1.1.1.1:
– HOTFIX: Fixes game crash if FS19_towBar or FS19_towBarWeight is active
ChangeLog V1.1.2.0:
– Crab steering now also works with machines that are designed as articulated steering systems
ChangeLog V1.2.0.0:
– Added rear trigger for headland automatic
– Fixed lua error when using ridge marker switching on some DLC implements. Note: These implements can’t be switched by this mod, because they are not addressable by script.
– Changed gui layout to work better on high resolutions
Many thanks to team Agrarplay and the project LU Wohnzimmer for the extensive test-support!



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