FS19 Vehicle Explorer v0.9.1.0


FS19 Vehicle Explorer v0.9.1.0
VehicleExplorer for FS19 aka VeEx19
Latest Version – I consider it as Beta. I tested it quite a lot myself, but hope for some helpful feedback from the community.
This is a revamp of the good old VehicleSort from FS17
For beginners: VehicleExplorer helps you organize your vehicles, by showing you a list which can be organized, well, sorted by you. Besides that it has a couple of additional functionality. See below.
List of all steerable vehicles (Specialization: Enterable)
Set a customer order for your vehicles
Your order is saved in the default vehicles.xml, so no additional clutter
Enter your vehicles directly with a click of a (mouse) button
This is meant literally, see known issues 😉
Park your vehicles, so that a switch of vehicles via Tab ignores them
Repair vehicles and its implements
Let your vehicle and implements get cleaned on a repair from your friendly VeEx staff 😉
Displaying a store image next to the list
Info box with additional informations
Motor on/off, turned on/off (for e.g. harvester) and light status is saved and restored
Different colors in the list if a vehicle is selected, or currently used by a helper/Courseplay
Config Menu
Config is saved per savegame within modsSettings/VehicleExplorer/savegameX
Show/hide trains in the list
Show/hide station cranes in the list (No idea if that actually works, would need a map with a crane to test)
Show/hide steerable implements/trailers (e.g. forwarder trailer with crane)
Show/hide brand names in the list
Show/hide your own name when you enter a vehicle
Show/hide horse power in the list
Show/hide fill levels in the list
Show/hide implements in the list
Show/hide store images
Show/hide infobox
Move infobox up/down
Show/hide a background for the infobox/store image
Change text size
Change text alignment
Change list background transparency
Enable/disable saving of the additional vehicle status (motor, turnedOn, lights)
Show/hide keybindings in the game F1 help menu (needs a game restart to take affect)
Clean vehicle & implements on a repair
Tardis integration
With Tardis ( you can teleport yourself AND your vehicles to any position on the map
With VehicleExplorer & Tardis you can select a vehicle on the list, and teleport that to any location without entering it. You can also configure if you want to enter the vehicle after teleportation or just drop the vehicle to another location
With Tardis Map Hotspots you can again, select a vehicle and quickly teleport that to one of those hotspots
Known issues
Although you can change all the keyboard bindings, the mouse actions are hardcoded for now
Left mouse click: Enter vehicle
Right mouse click: Select vehicle (to e.g. move it)
Right mouse click: Change value in the config menu
Mouse wheel: Selection up/down in list
T -> Workaround available
Metric measuring units are used
Max of three columns. If you’ve more vehicles (which would be insane anyways 😉 , just disable the display of brand name etc
A wrong value for horse power is displayed for trains
Sometimes selling or resetting a vehicle is causing a flickering of the vehicle list. I’ve already an idea why, just have to look more into it. As a workaround you just have to move any vehicle a position up or down, then a reshuffle is triggered and the list is rendered properly again.
If a train is parked, although this state gets saved, on loading a savegame it’s not restored. So the train is tabbable.
Changed the default keybinding. So there is no overlap anymore.
Default Keybinding
Key Combi    Action
LAlt + v    Show/hide vehicle list
LAlt + KeyPad Minus    Show/hide config menu
KeyPad Enter    Enter vehicle
LAlt + p    Toggle parking
LAlt + KeyPad 5    Select item (for moving the vehicle) or to change values in the config
LAlt + KeyPad 8    Move up in the list/config
LAlt + KeyPad 2    Move down in the list/config
LAlt + 1    Move up fast in the list/config
LAlt + 2    Move down fast in the list/config
LAlt + R    Repair vehicle incl. implements
Tab    Next vehicle; VeEx own switch vehicle implementation (necessary to tab through vehicles in your own order)
Shift + Tab    Previous vehicle; VeEx own switch vehicle implementation (necessary to tab through vehicles in your own order)
Mouse Left    Enter vehicle
Mouse Right    Select item/change values in config
Mouse Wheel    List up/down
_ If you want to use the ‘sorted tabbing’, make sure you drop the default key binding in the game menu. I didn’t find a way to overwrite the default vehicle switching, and I think it’s better to let you, the user, this choice anyways. _
Meaning of colors used
Color    Meaning
White    Standard
Green    Current player is controlling vehicle
Orange    Vehicle selected
Red    Vehicle locked (necessary to move it up/down in the list)
Grey    Vehicle is parked
Blue    Vehicle is controlled by AI (Helper or Courseplay)
Light Pink    Vehicle is controlled by FollowMe (not yet available)
Yellow    Engine is running
Note that the current version does NOT support multiplayer!
There were reports that VehicleExplorer does work in MP if you simply change the moddesc.xml. Although I assume not everything works then. Anyways, I decided to work on a MP version. Just have no idea yet till when it will be available.



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