Wysokie Brodno 4X Map v 2.0


About the mod:
– Three Farms
– 248 Different Fields from 0.1 ha to approx 18 Hectares
– 251 Farmland
– Soil 360 Degrees
– Large Modern Farm for breeding Pigs and Cows
– A small Farm focused on breeding Horses and Sheep, with a small Number of Buildings so that Machines can be kept in the open, which can still be found on many Polish Farms today
– 5 Flat Meadows for Building a Farm from Scratch (marked on PDA PB1 – PB5) 3 large and 2 smaller
– Compatible with Seasons, Maize Plus, DLC Precision Farming, Straw Harvest
– Additional Crops: Millet, Rye, Triticale, Alfalfa, Clover
– Very varied Terrain (High Access Roads, Fields with Certain Heights, some are even exaggerated, etc…)
– 13 Points of Sale
– There are Forests. Not all of them can be bought so as not to spoil the Landscape too much
– Prepared for Animal Husbandry
– Funny Easter Eggs
– Traffic Travels 50 km / h in the Countryside and 30 km / h in Villages and at Intersections
– Good Optimization
– Stable, Pigsty and BGA Interact with Wopster’s ManureSystem in a simplified way (no animated Valves and other nonsense)
– Trees like Alpine
Version 2.0:
* Improved Map Lighting
* New Distribution of Soil Types (from Scratch)
* Clover Hay
* The possibility of making Silage from Clover and Alfalfa
* Standard Silos for Additional Crops
* Standard Silage Silos (small), one for Grass, Chaff, Alfalfa, Clover and their Hay (Clover Silage is made) and one only for Alfalfa and its Hay (Alfalfa Silage is made)
* Triticale can now be sprinkled on the Ground
* Poles Energy Collisions already have a Collision
* New Colors of the Grass Base (the same as for painting)
* Improved the Texture of the Gates in Static Garages
* Enlarged the Trigger to Enter the Store
* The Shelter in the Collection of Agrii Polska
* The Texture of the Grass has been changedCredits:
Szarpi, ThatReider



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