Cornbelt 16x Beta v0.9.4 FS19


Cornbelt 16x Beta v0.9.4 FS19

Hello community, hello fans of the Cornbelt,

Version 0.9.4

Changes Cornbelt 16-fold Beta by ANDYsMODDING update to version 0.9.4

changed! Freight station warehouse new lighting installed!

NEW! Refinery built in as production

It’s finally here! The first beta version of the Cornbelt is released and am very excited to see your reaction and comments. The goal was really just to reactivate the productions from LS17. But somehow it has become much more of a change than I had originally planned.

At this point I would like to thank Kastor again, that I was allowed to change his map and make it available for you to download. Also a big thank you goes to the FED Action for letting me use his europalettes and the boardpalettes. Last but not least I want to thank the testers of the map, the Maik, John and the Daniel.

Now for the details of the map:

It is still a 16x mod map

There are only 65 hexes


There are now 11 forestry areas


3 BGA’s

There are a total of 7 purchasable industrial areas, with only 4 productions currently available

There are 17 outlets on the map

And many products that are Global Market Ready.

The following mods are recommended but not required:

AM Tuning Pack

AM Placeable Pack

AM Production Pack


Modell: Kastor, FED Action, ANDYsMODDING Textur: Kastor, FED Action, Gaints, ANDYsMODDING Script: Ifko Idee / Konzept: Kastor, Edit durch ANDYsMODDING Tester: Ostseefarmer, 21John, schnellbauer, Kompie21 & FarmManager.


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