Real Tractor Farming Simulator – Best Real Farming Simulator Gameplay Totos Gaming


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Real Tractor Farming Simulator – The best real farm simulator game Totos Gaming
Real tractor farm simulator by heavy players
Become a modern farmer with Real Farming Tractor Simulator. Immerse yourself in a huge world and harvested crops, take care of your animals – cows, sheep and pigs – take part in forestry and sell your produce on an open market to make money and improve your farm. A true story of the farmer's life based on the daily farmer's duty.
Take on your modern form and start from the establishment of crops to harvesting and selling on the market. Raising and caring for animals is your main duty as a farmer. Agriculture is easy and modern with machinery. Drive and use special agricultural vehicles and machines to become a true farmer.

Hurry to seek your crops before sunset. Feed your crops with effective fertilizers and pesticides. Increase your production by learning and practicing new agricultural concepts. Real Farming Tractor Simulator is a perfect fee based game simulator where you have to perform each task on time. Drive tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, seeders, trollers and sprayers from you.
Start cultivating and plowing the soil, after you have prepared the soil to sow the seeds. Now is the time to water the fields to grow crops. Care for these cultures is the most important. The crops are ready to be harvested, ride the harvester, drive it on the wheat fields and harvest it.
Collect your beans with the storage space. Bring your wheat to market for sale. Perhaps free or less fine wheat cannot be sold at a good price. Make your wheat pure and fine with a safe packaging to get a better price on the market. .



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