MN Millennial Farmer Map Tour! (Farming Simulator 2019)


The official progress of the map of the farmer MN Millenial! They cover buildings, equipment, neighboring farms and dealers. Thanks to Mappers Paradise and Zach for sending us on the map. I hope you enjoy!

Mappers Paradise Facebook (Map updates will be here) –

MN Millenial Farmer Channel-

Mn Millenial Farmer Facebook-

Apex Gaming PCs (10% off using the Discount Code: "Squad") –


The Squad Instagram-


MODS (Places where I receive mods)

(There are no ads on this site, the site is hosted by me)

(It has a few more mods, then Mod-network)

(The best truck modes and other different modes out there)

(Good equipment comes from this group)

How to install Mods-

* I stopped connecting specific modes due to reduced risk of releasing a private mode. I will not post any changes or answer any questions regarding "Where did you get this mode", as the mode can be found in the links above if it is public *

# FarmingSimulator2019


1. How do you get the game?

You can buy the game here (PC version) –

2. Can you get modes for Xbox One or PS4 (speaking of FS19 not FS17)?

No, you can't get any of the good ways I have. You can get a few small ways for the console

3. Where do you get your changes from?

Mod-Network (AD Free) –
Some of the Best Crazy Mods-
Some Facebook groups with good realistic ways-
Custom edit group
JHHG Modding-

4. Why is the team called if there is only one person?

This channel started as a few people, as they moved into the farming simulator, it just ended up being me (Grant). Now I have my brother (Spencer) in a few videos, so I thought I'd keep the name "The Squad."

5. Can I play with you?

In most Livestreams, I keep a few places open for people to join. Livestreams are usually every Saturday at 5:00 PM Central Time. To join the live stream you must have every mode that I use on that server. Most of the time, I'll let you know what modes you'll need for streaming the day before (so Friday). .



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