How to Build a Log Fence in Farming Simulator 19 – FS19 Construction


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Welcome and welcome back to the LS19 Berry Village map. After the epic Fail of FS 19 Log Bridge Construction (I'm starting to wonder what else I can use tree logs in LS 19.
In this FS2019 Mods presentation, I build a FS 2019 fence for my horses. In the video I use LS2019 MW PLACEABLE YARD. Special LLS2019 PONSSE SCORPION that can copy trees up to 30M. DODGE RAM 1500 REBEL for transporting small logs and BOBCAT SKID STEER.

You can build the same jar fence in Farming Simulator 19 on consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X). You will need to download the wood storage and storage from Giants Software ModHub. I recommend using medium-sized and landscape trees. Good luck.

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