Global Market: Since NOW FS19 is a MMOFSG / Massively Multiplayer Online Farming-Simulator Game


You can find this in this video:
Global Market: The successful way from FS17 is now available in FS19.
Whether it's in single player or multiplayer, you can sell and buy goods in the global market that other players around the world buy and / or sell in their games. From now on it is no longer a simple multiplayer game, but an MMOFSG (Massive Multiplayer Online Farming Simulator Game).

The global market from LS-Modcompany is now available on the LS-Modcompany website.
You need this:
Global company 1.3 or higher from Modhub:
Global marketable market:
Exe Global Market:
Many thanks kevin98 and of course LS-Modcompany!

1) Starting exe – Explanation: The application synchronizes data from game to server or from server to game. The application MUST be executed while using the mode. In SP it is not so strict, but in MP everyone MUST run it. As soon as someone is out of office, nothing can be overturned.
2) Switch to the game – place buildings.
3) Press R to open the overlay:
– Button in the upper left corner: Storage (1 million / type of filling can be stored here – if one yard has 500k of one type of filling, only 500k remains for the other yards – capacity does not apply to each yard, but to all of them)
– Left button down: global market (here is everything you can buy, for example, if there is no wheat, it is not listed here)
4) Almost any type of filling can be taken on pallets or bales (this can be done through the interface (R))

Some more general information:
– The exe can be detected as uncertain by various virus programs – you may need to add an exception. Of course, the software only transmits data to the global market, without any other files or data.
Only one building on the map is sufficient – it does not matter on which agricultural land is located, everyone can access the building, but of course only the "storage" of his court.


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