FS19 | Tractor Mods (2020-01-05/2) – review


Agriculture simulator 19
Tractor Mods (2020-01-05 / 2) – review
(original download links below)
— I always use the NUMAL mods link ORIGINAL mods, if I have it. Please let us know if there is a problem with the link! —

Case Magnum 8900 series V2
Loans: Giants Software, Matt26 and Casearias Modding (I think

Brand: IH Houses.
Did Modding custom make Firestone wheels?)
Category: Medium tractors.
Base price: 78,000.
Engine configurations: 5 – 8910, 8920, 8930, 8940 and 8950.
Power range: 155 to 249 horsepower.
Maximum speed: 40 kilometers per hour 25 miles per hour.
Selectable colors: No.
Selectable wheels: Yes.
Wheel brands: Firestone.
Front Loader Attachment: Yes.
Errors: A small warning.
Platforms: PC and Mac.

Version -2wd
– Option to configure the exhaust pipe.
– Front slots in 4wd version.
– Optional protective grill.
– Optional headlamps.

GiantsSoftware: original model.
CaseariasModding: remodeling parts to create the American style of magnum housing.
Matt26: Original modification that you use to ingame.
Aaron Sawler: editor to create the v2 version.

John Deere 6R US Version
Modder: Appalaches Modding.
Other credits: JDVB, MMi, Custom Modding and KMN Modding.

Brand: John Deere.
Category: Medium tractors.
Base price: 119,500 (medium frame) and 228,000 (large frame).
Engine configurations: 6 (6135 R, 6145 R, 6155 R, 6175R, 6195R, 6215R.)
Power range: 142 to 225 hp.
Maximum speed: 34 km / h.
Selectable colors: Yes, for the exhaust pipe.
Selectable wheels: Yes – Multiple settings.
Wheel brands: Michelin and Firestone.
Front loader attachment: Yes – optional.

Special thanks to him:
The official site of the GAME: www.farming-simulator.com

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