FS19 | New Equipment Mods (2019-08-16) – review


Agriculture simulator 19
New changes to equipment (2019-08-16) – review
(original download links below)
— I always use the NUMAL mods link ORIGINAL mods, if I have it. Please let us know if there is a problem with the link! —

OERTZEN E500-30 v1.0

Author: CJFarming

In my plan to overthrow "Kärcher-Monopol", here is the second model. This time, however, the high pressure cleaner was completely rebuilt by me completely from the original OERTZEN E500-30. This is my first Blender model and I hope to like the community – small, but beautiful

Bautec (which can be placed) Racks with motorization v1.2

Author: CJFarming

Do you have a lot of harvest headers crowding your yard? This innovative, motorized support will help you organize and store your headers in the most beautiful way possible.

Header storage occurs for 4 of the largest headers. Or more, if your headers are smaller. Thanks to the ingenious lifting system, you just have to place the header on one of the shelves. Then, with the push of a button, the header of the cutter is kept properly waiting for the next harvest

Another cool thing about the rack is the vehicle repair trigger. You can repair and customize headers that are placed on shelves. If you drive a vehicle close enough, you can use the feature to fix other things.

Original mode name: BAUTEC Schneidewerklager.
Credits: CJFarming.
Category: Jobs | Misc.
Base price: 135,000.


Author: Kevin8228, Giants

– new sound
– the exhaust hood
– The body of color choice
– Choosing the rim color
– Choosing the color of the chair
– tire: Trelleborg, Mitas (normal, wide), Michelin (normal, wide)
– beacons: normal, spots, rounded, bullet
– Front loaders: Stoll, aloe
– Room with chair

Broughan three-axle trailer upgrade

Author: 4D Modding.

Change log:
– The capacity of cereal and silage variants increased to 26850, respectively 30850 liters.
– Fixed location of the rear towing device.


The official site of the GAME: www.farming-simulator.com

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