FS19 Midwest Horizon Timelapse #4 Buying Our First Cows


FS19 Midwest Horizon The Timelapse series continues as we take some fertilizer on our corn and make a contract to harvest some oats. Then we sell some of our crops and rent an animal trailer so that we can buy the first cows on the farm. We finish giving the cows a little, TMR for food and straw for litter.

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▶ 1. 0:00 Sebastian Forslund feat. Skylar: Missing (SLCT remix)

▶ 2. 3:15 Lvly feat. Joche Wye: The Bottom of My Glass (Bad Glitches remix)

▶ 3. 6:40 MNDLSS feat. Sousa Perth: Just you and me

▶ 4. 10:09 Nahra: Queen of Mary

▶ 5. 13:17 Elijah N: Everyone

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